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Your Perfect Pedal Stroke

Time and effort spent on pedal stroke mastery will ultimately result in you becoming a faster, more efficient cyclist. The Wattbike Polar View is a pedalling technique analysis tool which makes the usually invisible pedal stroke, a measurable and visible metric which can powerfully enhance your performance. This is displayed through the easy to read graph which shows exactly where you are losing force throughout your pedal stroke and where you should focus your cross training efforts to compliment your training goals.

The Wattbike polar view represents one pedal revolution. The polar view will magnify any deficiencies in your pedal stroke and your wattbike coach will interpret your pedal stroke during your class. Your wattbike coach will work with you to optimize your pedal stroke technique which will teach you to sustain power throughout the entire pedal stroke motion.

Example: cyclists who have not focused their training on pedal stroke technique will lose too much of their pedal momentum on the transition from right-leg to left-leg and left-leg to right-leg. These cyclists only using the muscles on the front of the thigh (quadracep dominant) and this is often identified as “stamping” on the pedals. This is indicative of a “figure-8” shape on the Wattbike polar view.

As a cyclist you should ideally aim to maintain the momentum created from each leg, especially during the transition from R-L/L-R leg. The Wattbike Polar View will clearly identify the deadspots in your pedal stroke where power and momentum is lost. Your wattbike coach will be able to work closely with you to perfect your pedalling technique and remove these power-draining deadspots.

The perfect pedal stroke (visible as a “peanut” on the Wattbike Polar View) is consistent and balanced between the left and right leg. Your training will work towards maintaining good pedal momentum throughout with strong drive and a balanced recovery. We will help you perfect this technique and transform your cycling ability.

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