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The Wattbike

We believe in using science to optimize human performance. That’s why we use unrivaled training technology to test progress, enhance power and precisely measure improvements and progress.
If you would like proven training & coaching methods applied within an elite training facility Paceline EPG is suited to your needs.

Challenge yourself to achieve breakthrough workouts that simulate the stresses you will face on race day. We will work with you to evolve your training program to stimulate a fitness and strength breakthrough! We guarantee results and we guarantee major gains in power, strength, mobility and endurance.

We use Wattbikes in our studio, and although they look technical they are actually simple to use.


  1. The Wattbike is the only indoor bike in the industry to accurately measure power output and pedal balance.

  2. The Wattbike records 100 different metrics every second as you pedal making this the most efficient and scientifically sound method of power training currently available.

  3. The Wattbike is an indoor bike which replicates the true feel of the road and measures your performance with intelligent and precise data.

  4. One hour on a Wattbike is the equivalent of 3 hours of road cycling

  5. Riding on a Wattbike will make you stronger and increase your power output by at least 20%

Do you love your cycling data?

Our bikes produce so much cool information about your ride – you can write it down, take a photo on your phone, or take it home on a USB and analyze it to your heart content on STRAVA, Training Peaks, Garmin or the Wattbike App. Our coaches can also help you interpret what your data means and steer your training in the right direction; ultimately making you stronger, faster and more efficient on the bike.

The advantage of indoor training is because you cannot cheat and you cannot coast. The consistent effort needed in a Wattbike class is one of the factors that make indoor training so effective. Like running on a track or riding in a velodrome, the conditions are very consistent, allowing you the opportunity to do test sets and gauge your progress.

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