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The Paceline Promise

We are obsessed with performance. We are obsessed with efficiency. We are obsessed with science. And we LOVE TO COACH. This is a great combination that forms the foundation of our Paceline Family Promise. We want our members to feel part of a community when they train with us. We support each others goals and dreams and through this we can achieve anything.

Great music, professional coaches and the ultimate indoor training bike.

We create a riding experience unlike other studios, and we welcome all people to join us – you don’t need to be fit or be a rider.

We promise to give you our undivided time and focused attention when we train you.

Our group classes will be energized with great music and enthusiastic coaches. Plus each class offers a scientifically designed training program aimed at targeting different areas of strength and fitness.

Our facility will always be clean, sanitized and ready for use.

Our coaches will always be on time for your class.

Our equipment will always be well maintained and safe to use.

We will do whatever it takes to make you feel at home and welcomed at our gym; this is YOUR training space.

We will support your goals, celebrate your achievements and help you reach your full potential.

We will aim to educate you with knowledge that is relevant, true and adds value to your life and your training.

Welcome to the Paceline Family. We look forward to training you. We promise to make you faster, stronger and more powerful than before you joined us.

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