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Rider Etiquette

“If we lose love and self respect for each other, this is how we eventually die” - Maya Angelou

The coaches and support team at Paceline will endevour to respect your time, your space and your goals as a matter of absolute priority. We ask that you abide by the same level of reciprocal respect for your fellow gym members and the gym facility. Our Guidelines are designed to ensure a safe, enjoyable ride for you and everyone else at Paceline.

Paceline Etiquette Guidelines

  1. Be on time for group classes.
  2. Cancel your class at least 1 hour before the start time if you cannot make the class
  3. Be extra cautious when you are injured – do not push past something you shouldn’t and always let us know about your injuries so we can help.
  4. Make sure you get our support and understand our bikes by attending a free First Time Rider Class.
  5. Wear appropriate riding shoes or closed toed hard sole trainers.
  6. Wear appropriate clothing at all times (T-shirts, singlets or jerseys must remain on when riding)
  7. Respect your fellow rider and your coach – No chatting in group classes- we are here to train.
  8. Respect the bike – Wipe down your Wattbike with disinfectant surface spray after use
  9. Talk to us. Tell us when we do something right and tell us when we do something wrong so we can make your experience the best ever.
  10. Smile and enjoy yourself!
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