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Gymnastic Strength Training

Balance between mobility and strength are often the missing link for elite competitive athletes OR their absence results in chronic pain and injury in non-athletes. We have the tools and the facility to build your body and create a well-oiled machine that is inherently resilient and resists injury.

We use progressions from the world-renowned Gymnastics Bodies program designed by Christopher Sommer in our Gymnastic Stregnth Training and Mobility classes. We incorporate body-weight strength training and calisthenics into our group training classes and one-on-one personal coaching programs. Our aim is to provide excellence to all our members with a well-rounded, effective cross training program; gains which are measured in months and years, not weeks! You cannot rush excellence.

Strength training enables you to generate more power plus you will have the added benefit of resisting fatigues-related technique breakdown. When you get tired your technique is the first part to fall to pieces and your energy output becomes less efficient. This means you need to use up more energy to generate each movement. Excellent technique creates efficiency which keeps fatigue at bay.
We offer crafted GST cross training programs, specifically for endurance athletes to improve their resilience and efficiency and lower their fatigue factors.

We recommend at least 2 cross training sessions per week for all levels of athlete. This is an essential component of body work and cross-training that you will need if you want to progress in your goals and objectives.

If you are not a competitive cyclist/triathlete, you are probably spending a large quantity of your time sitting or still. Do you suffer with back pain? Do you long to have fun doing handstands or back bends? Then our strength training classes are ideal for you.
Tone, shape and get strong the right way.

What to wear

We train barefoot (no socks). Wear pants/tights that do not restrict your movement at all. Your shirt should also be a stretchy fabric that will not restrict your body at all. During handstand classes, loose T's fall over your head when you're upside down which is never fun- wear a tighter fitting shirt.

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