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Getting Results


We cater specially to sophisticated, experienced & novice athletes striving for peak performance. We will help you successfully balance stress and rest whilst preventing injury through scientific efficiency creation and proven cross training methodology.

Our classes are guaranteed to get you stronger and faster, because we can push you to your limits. With the bikes we use, and the coaches we have, we can train you as an individual in a group class setting.

Depending on your goals and ambitions, we are able to load the effort and physical demand to ensure you exceed even your own expectations. We will also measure your results regularly and continuously to make certain you are on the right track. We don’t use guesswork, we use scientific data. Because of this our coaches have a habit of helping people achieve astonishing feats.

“The moment that you want to quit, is the moment that you have to keep pushing”

Why choose to train on a Wattbike?

Measurable training efforts are key to progressing in your training goals.

The accuracy of the Wattbike supercedes that of any other power-based indoor trainer plus our Wattbike Coaches are able to apply these metrics with systematic testing in order to scientifically optimize your performance.

The beauty of training with power is that it is comparable, no matter the conditions. What do we mean by this? Your heart rate can sometimes fluctuate and be influenced by factors such as stress, hormonal levels or your general health/fatigue. Using your heart rate as a metric to track your performance is less accurate and inconsistent.

With POWER on the other hand, a WATT is a WATT. You cannot cheat so you will always remain training in your correct, required power zone, as prescribed by your Wattbike coach and performance test results. Wattbikes are uniquely callibrated so you can train on any Wattbike and your data and metrics will always be consistent. The data is exceedingly reliable and accurate, so you can train with absolute confidence that what you see on your performance monitor is precisely what you are generating.

Train effectively. Train Productively. Train Smart.
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