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We recommend cycling bibs (those are the padded shorts) for ladies and men because it increases your comfort on the bike significantly. However, If you do not own cycling bibs, we do offer soft comfort saddles that work perfectly well with any shorts.

Our Wattbikes are designed for Shimano SPD pedals (MTB) and Look (Road) pedal cleats. You are also able to train in regular trainers if you do not have cycling shoes or cleats to fit our pedals.

Cycling shoes enable you to get a greater workout. Being clipped into the pedals allows you to make more powerful strokes – pulling up on the pedals to work your hamstrings and feel stronger overall. You can also wear trainers when you first start out riding, and we recommend that if you are riding regularly that you consider getting cycling shoes to support your training.

Yes. All riders must wear a vest or a T-shirt at all times.

Bring along your sweat towel, a water bottle and some spare change for a decadent post-training coffee.

We have an equal distribution of Wattbike TRAINERS and Wattbike PROS. If you are new to cycling we recommend remaining on a Wattbike TRAINER until your legs have strengthened and your tendons have had time to adjust to your new training. If you are a seasoned rider/athlete you are welcome to ride a Wattbike PRO. Both bikes function the exact same way, but Wattbike PROS offer more resistance from the start.

Wattbike TRAINERS are ideal for burning calories faster.
Wattbike PRO’s are ideal for riders who want to increase their power and climbing strength.

In order to prevent injury and tendon strain we recommend you ride a Wattbike TRAINER for at least 4-6 months before transitioning to a Wattbike PRO. Your progress and training goals will be regularly monitored and discussed with your Wattbike Power Coach when transitioning to a different bike.

Congratulations! It’s going to be an awesome journey and we will support you every step of the way! All our students, from elite athlete to beginners who train for the first time start in the NEW RIDER WATTBIKE CLASS. We have specially designed this class for new Wattbike users. This class has a slower pace and is directed at teaching you all you need to know about riding in a group Wattbike class. Our Wattbike coaches will guide you through a step-by-step introduction on the Wattbike performance monitor and all the functionality of the Wattbike. Better yet, your first New Wattbike Class is free of charge! Book today as space is limited.

There is no better class to build your fitness fast whilst also burning calories and sculpting your lower body. Wattbikes provide an excellent platform for fitness training because of the measurable results they provide and the variety of programs available.

If your goal is to improve the look of your overall physique and leg shape then the Wattbike is your best friend. Wattbike training will shape your calves, trim your ankles and lift your butt. And you will have fun doing it!

Wattbike training is a no-impact training method. When this is combined with power training, the positive effects on your body are ten-fold and you do not need to be a cyclist to enjoy the benefits of the Wattbike.

No. Anyone can benefit from training with us. Wattbike training is a low impact workout that allows you to go at your own pace by controlling the resistance on your bike. You will be encouraged to push yourself, but are always in control of your own workout. If you are concerned about taking a class due to a physical condition, consult your physician before taking a class for the first time. Our Gymnastic strength training classes are designed for people of all fitness levels. We will help you get stronger and support you no matter what your level of strength or fitness.

In a standard spinning class you will anything from 15 – 20 people per class. In a Wattbike group class there will never be more than 12 riders per class. Because of this we can offer a personalized coached session within a group training environment.

The coach does not ride in front of you in your Wattbike class. Our coaches walk around for the duration of the class, interacting and assisting you with your ride. Our coaches are certified power trainers and their role within the class is to interpret your real time riding data and coach you to improve and get stronger with each pedal stroke.

The feedback you will receive from your Wattbike coach and your real-time Wattbike console is nothing short of amazing, incredible and awesome.Our bikes offer a full body experience, from mental training to physical training. Wattbike coached sessions can be transformed into a training tool, rehab tool, bike ergonomic tool or body physique training tool. Versus a spinning class which offers only a pure cardio workout.

If you want more information on the science behind the Wattbike and what the differences are between a ‘spinning bike fly wheel’ mechanism versus the Wattbike mechanism CLICK HERE

If you would like a personalized coaching experience this is for you. We will design an individualized, scientifically sound Wattbike training program to specifically meet your needs. Do you need to work on speed? Endurance? Power? Our programs can be tailored to meet these specific needs. And this is not only for cyclists. Contact one of our Power Coaches today and chat about your athletic and performance goals. We will make you stronger.

We have unlimited open parking bays available that is free of charge. This is located directly in front of the gym.

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