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About Paceline Gym


We cater for all levels of fitness, from complete beginners to pro-level athletes. No matter what your sport, we will teach you to utilize power based training to achieve measurable and lasting results.


At Paceline we are passionate about getting stronger and improving your riding both indoors and outdoors.

Our coaches are dedicated to help you reach your full potential so that you enjoy riding as much as we do.

Whether you want to join our energetic group coached classes, or schedule a private session, our Paceline Wattbike Studio can be used to improve your own fitness or that of your sports team.

Paceline Facilities

We are the only gym in Colorado to offer a fleet of indoor trainers called Wattbikes. The Wattbike is a total indoor cycle training solution which combines state of the art digital technology with world class training support.

Our functional training area comprises the finest gymnastic strength training equipment.

We focus on both strength and mobility training. We use elements and progressions from the world renowned GymnasticBodies training system developed by Coach Christopher Sommer. We believe that strength training with GST enables you to generate more power plus you will have the added benefit of resisting fatigue related to technique breakdown when you are required to perform on race day AND in life! Excellent technique create efficiency which keeps fatigue at bay; reslience to fatigue prevents injury and unnecessary stresses and strains on the body. We will help you get strong AND flexible, no matter your age, your weight, your sport or your past.

Our functional and gymnastic strength training classes are designed for functional body strength, fitness and human movement, which will complement all types of training programs.

If you’re a cyclist or love getting on a mountain bike, come in and see how we can improve your riding. We are all passionate about getting stronger and fitter on the bike and our experienced coaches are dedicated to helping our members reach their potential.


One of our goals is to support and develop fitness in the local community. We will support local schools and business and strive to create networks that will ensure local health. We are your hub for local events in the community.

Please contact us if you have any community ideas or enquiries.

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